BE YOU again !

Hello beautiful souls !

It's wonderful to see you here.  
I admire your brilliance and your deep desire to fulfill your life's purpose.  
Here´s a video  with the most crucial facts to know about me so you can get to know me better.  

From the bottom of my heart

Hi, I am Tanja !

As human, project manager, strategist, successful soul-business creator and CEO, Yoga teacher and student, mother and transformational friend, I am very happy to welcome you here at BE YOU !

So beautiful that you found us!
I feel delighted, to be able to accompany you on your way back into your full power! You can do it, we all can!

Believe and start moving now!

Step into your unique power and into your full potential!

I See you !

What I Do

Human Design

Human design is a modern science which shows you your potentials, strengths and talents as well as your openings and potentials for conditioning.
With a roadmap you will be able to align yourself with your energy and start feeling the flow of life again!

Theta Healing

Theta healing is powerful energy work which brings you quantum leaps. Releasing limiting beliefs deep in your subconscious parts, will open you up for your next level self!

Gene Keys

Understanding your purpose, life´s work and how to embody all of this, has the potential to bring you clarify around your life path and hidden gems to really rise up and shine in your full true self!

Why BE YOU ?

BE YOU combines amazing new age tools, traditional foundations and science to make you faster getting back on track and into your full potential!

All In - Package

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My Offerings for You

What it means to come back to your self!
B - U 

Soulful Testimonials

The human design reading by Tanja was very detailed. It was amazing how much information I got in short time. I got in short time infos about how my energy works and practical strategies for business , communication and self care. Just few weeks after th reading I notice significant positives shifts. I really recommend this to anyone who wants to know themselves better.
CAROLINA 30 years


The masterclass was amazing and so clear as an introduction in human design. Now I know how to follow myself but also how to check out my family and friends! Tanja explained it in such a passionate way, that you just stay full concentrated. Thank you! 
DAVINA 42 years


I started this course as a complete newbie and had no idea what to expect. The teacher Tanja knew her stuff and it was so nice to experience this in a group. Everything was explained in detail. Questions were answered. The class was very entertaining because of all the participants. I am just getting to know myself and understand why I am the way I am.
ROSI 60 years


Join us in the movement to BE YOU again!