MANIFEST - the power of you

a powerful workshop to align based on your human design with your true self and make anything possible!

What is manifesting?

- you’ve manifested everything you have in our life
- making something reality
- setting the right intention and invite into your life any wish you may have (even materialistic or not)

What you will learn !

* How to set the right intentions
* Know what you really want in life
* Feel what you really want in your life
* Become a better version of yourself
* How to align with your wishes
* How to make your manifestations a reality

What you will get  !

2 hours workshop
Powerful manifesting workbook

Course Summary

1. The power of you !
Manifesting with your Human Design

2. The power of the universe !
Ritual for aligning yourself & letting go of limiting beliefs

3. Action
Action steps & Kundalini Yoga ritual


Course Curriculum

Tanja Rosenkranz


Life coach

I love Tanja´s commitment and energy on this course! It´s all its needed and the group experience and room she creates, it´s just wonderful! Thank you tanja

Course Pricing

Still some open questions or unsure?
Feel very free to reach out to me to clarify any doubts you may still have!
I am looking forward to hearing from you!

xxx, Tanja